Campaign management services:

  • Manage outbound communications for marketing or general-information campaigns
  • Generate and track ‘opt in’ or opt out’ mailings and responses for book roles and conversions
  • Print, fold, stuff, sort, post, and mail your customer and agent communications.
  • Track responses and report to company designees on an agreed schedule
  • Follow up on original campaign with cards, calls, or emails focused to insureds and/or agents
  • Fully accountable for the completeness and accuracy of our work.


Carrier Spotlight: NE Outdoor 

NE Outdoor is a small organization with limited resources or expertise for campaign management. Our first task was to catch them up on the expansive back log that was causing customer service issues and lost revenue. 

  • With recurring reporting, NEO is fully aware of the entire campaign management process
  • Fulfill campaign management needs with organized and proven approach while still providing NEO unique characteristics needed to be successful in their market niche


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