Hands-On Experience

Because we’re seasoned insurance pros who’ve worked on both sides of the carrier/vendor fence, we think beyond the routine tasks to create more efficient, cost-effective ways to perform or manage standard back-office or other operational activities. And we help you bridge the gap between technology and people, particularly your policyholders.


John Hughes


Jon has more than 20 years of operations experience in the property and casualty insurance industry. Prior to founding Covenir, he was Vice President of Insurance Services for a leading onshore service provider, responsible for creating and building the BPO division of the company. His duties centered on the operations and management of all BPO functions, including managing document services, policy processing, premium services, customer services, underwriter assist services, claims services, and the CAT team.

Prior to that, Jon was the general services manager at Arbella Insurance Company, responsible for purchasing, records, disaster recovery, leaseholds, print, security, and facilities. Before he joined Arbella, Jon was the General Services Manager for The Covenant Insurance Group of Connecticut and Massachusetts, responsible for the agency relations, customer service, billing, print, and processing departments. In addition to his BAs in accounting, business, and economics, Jon also holds an associate’s degree in Insurance Services and Personal Insurance.


Sallie Ricardo

operations manager

Sallie spent close to a decade managing the outsourced billing departments for 15 property/casualty insurance companies, each having customized standard operating procedures. She was also responsible for designing and implementing an in-house intelligent wholesale and retail lockbox facility at the business process outsourcing center. Sallie managed the various cash reconciliations, check issuance, commissioning, EFT, and credit card processes as well as building strong customer and banking relationships. As senior manager, she also earned her property/casualty insurance producer license. Along with this experience, she has a decade in banking, working on the retail and commercial sides for large banks and credit unions. Sallie also has ten-plus years in bookkeeping and office management.


Mike Nordeen

Integrated services manager

Mike has more than 15 years of software development experience in the property/casualty industry, all of them earned at Insuresoft. He worked as a developer in implementation and support prior to moving into a leadership role. In addition to managing the Support department, he’s responsible for the Statistical Reporting unit. The wide variety of problems to solve and his colleagues at Insuresoft keep him coming back to solve the next day’s challenges.

Mike received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University. During his off hours Mike likes to golf, enjoys an artfully made craft beer and a creative plate of food, and tries not to miss out on the little things that make life great.



operations support manager

Charmene is the Operations Support Manager at Covenir.  Her role encompasses various BPO operationsCharmene is the Operations Support Manager at Covenir.  Her role encompasses various BPO operations responsibilities that supports implementations and projects.  Previously as senior manager of policy processing, Charmene supported start up and regional carriers as well as niche books for tier 1 carriers at her previous place of employment.  Her team was responsible for fulfilling high quality standards when processing policies, and working within stringent Standard Operating Procedures to fulfill client carrier underwriting requirements