About Us

Covenir offers a full business process outsourcing (BPO) solution for the insurance industry, processing 100% of daily transactional support activities. 


Our Mission

Covenir’s mission is to provide unparalleled insurance processing services that allow insurers to focus on their core business. We transform Business Process Outsourcing to be better process outsourcing. Our services can be used individually, on a short-term basis or as a full back office solution. We provide all our services with complete transparency to our client companies, but we are invisible to their customers and agents.

Our work is done with strict adherence to a standard operating procedure created with each client and reported back in accordance with contractual Service Level Agreements. Our team consists of seasoned professionals, many of whom hold active insurance agent licenses. We can customize our services for each carrier client.


Our Value Proposition

Covenir’s team of insurance professionals thinks beyond the routine daily tasks to create more efficient, high quality and cost-effective ways to perform and manage insurance operational activities. We work very closely with our insurers and guarantee service levels while adhering to strict standard operating procedures so that insurers can focus on what they do best while we focus on what we do best.


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