Get to Know “She-Ra”

As the Director of People Operations at Covenir BPO, Wendy is passionate and dedicated to fostering a people first, positive work culture and continuous improvement through engagement, relationship building and learning development.

Wendy brings a demonstrated 30+ years of customer service, operations, leadership and insurance industry experience and graduated from Wachusett Regional High School.


Fun Facts:

Family: Michael | Mike & Amber
Pets: Riley & Grey
Education: Wachusett Regional High School
Favorite Motto: Nice Matters
Top Bucket List: Tour the US with my camper, husband and dog
What Superpower I would choose: Flying (so I can overcome my fear of heights)

Favorite Food: Surf & Turf
Favorite Movie: Braveheart
Favorite Band: Led Zeppelin
Favorite place I have ever visited: New England lakes, mountains & coastlines
Most people are surprised to learn that… I married my high school sweetheart