Get More Than You Expect

That’s the Covenir promise.

Imagine inserting one coin and receiving three gum balls. That’s the surprising satisfaction you’ll experience with Covenir’s business process outsourcing.

We go out of our way to over-deliver every time. We’re the insurance outsourcing partner of choice for perfectionists, type “A”s and professionals who like things just so.


Meet Our Business Process Outsourcing Leaders


David Squibb

President & General Manager


Sallie Ricardo

Customer Success


Robert Guarino

National Sales & Business Development


Steven Kidd

Back Office Operations


Michael Saner

Frontline Operations


Mike Nordeen

Innovation & Technology Services

The Power of Purple

The mark in our logo is a modern and colorful interpretation of a pie chart, which represents the many segments of YOUR business. The PURPLE SLICE illustrates Covenir seamlessly plugging into your business model to deliver your brand experience and support your goals.

Founded in 2015
400,000+ customer calls handled annually
$520M premium payments processed annually
13M+ insurance documents mailed annually
600,000 underwriting transactions processed annually

Covenir’s Parent: Volaris Group
15 vertical markets – 3,500 employees –
30 countries 65 businesses + 46 brands

Volaris’ Parent: Constellation Software
100+ vertical markets – 125,000+ customers –
13,000+ employees – $2.1B in revenues (2016) –
$16B+ market capitalization (Dec 2017)

Best of Both Worlds

At Covenir, you get the best of both worlds. You have a dedicated team who knows your first name. And, we’re owned by a strong and reputable parent, Volaris. Volaris keeps us on the cutting edge and gives us stability for the long haul.

They allow us to operate autonomously while infusing our company with best practices to keep pace with a rapidly changing industry.

Volaris Group is owned by Constellation Software, an international provider of market-leading software and services.

Small company service. Big company stability.
Insurance potential made possible.