Full-Service Print & Distribution with a Virtual Mail Room: Modernizing Communication Processes

In the insurance business, communication matters. Failing to send a document or secure proof of mailing, or mishandling incoming mail can have legal consequences.

Yet, with so many documents coming and going, it’s easy for things to get mixed up. In fact, without a consistent way to track and verify, you have a recipe for disaster.

Need compliance, efficiency and accuracy? Collaborate with Covenir.


How can you mistake-proof your document processes?

By deploying a scalable, proven system powered by cutting-edge technology.

Print & Distribution

  • Streamline your print and distribution needs with a high-capacity, state-of-the-art, full-service print & distribution center.
  • Fully automated print technology applies barcode technology and reference files so every piece of mail electronically communicates its processing requirements.
  • Regulatory and proof of mail requirements are fully supported.

Inbound Virtual Mail Room

  • Eliminate manual mail handling and workflow challenges for high-volume mail areas like claims, underwriting and return mail.
  • Apply intelligent process automation to open, scan and transform every piece of incoming mail into a digital artifact.
  • Deliver digital mail artifacts to your staff or upload directly to your systems via an API if desired.

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George Zorrilla

Print/Virtual Mail Room Manager

“Covenir’s inbound mail processing can do more than serve as your virtual mailroom. We can apply business logic and process automations to transform physical paper mail into digital artifacts accelerating inbound mail handling. We can even interact with the API layer of your policy processing or document management system to put the files directly where you need them to be.”

– George Zorrilla