Outsourced Customer Support Services

Your Customer, Your Brand Experience.

Elevate policyholder satisfaction with our comprehensive outsourced customer support services. Our onshore BPO solutions ensure seamless communication and effective issue resolution for your brand.


Proud to deliver your brand experience — at its best.

Hire a team that really cares about walking your talk. Here’s what you can expect from Covenir:
  • Onshore inbound and outbound services via phone, chat or email
  • Scalable support for volumes of 10 to 10,000 calls a month
  • Quick resolution without transferring the customer
  • Multi-function services in your system, if desired
  • Complete service support or supplementation of your team during busy times, after hours or for disaster response
  • Carefully scripted service plans to deliver on our clients’ brand promises
  • Able to support 175 languages

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“Building long-lasting partnerships is key to our success. We have high expectations of ourselves. Our goal is to perform at a level that is above what insurers can do themselves.”

– Michael Saner, Operations Manager

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