Your insurance teams are incredibly busy. But what if they had one less thing to do? What if someone else opened and sorted the mail, and attached documents to the relevant policy and claim files in your system?

Our new Virtual Mail Room service can make these dreams come true. And it may be exactly what you need to make remote work arrangements more efficient. Get all the details on this new productivity gamechanger below.

How Digitizing Inbound Communication Solves Problems

Even in a best-case scenario, processing incoming mail can bog down your claims team, eating up time and resources that are needed elsewhere. And in the worst-case scenario? Letters can be lost. Deadlines can be missed. Major headaches can follow.

You can avoid these problems by using a virtual service that’s dedicated to processing your mail.

  • The Covenir team receives mail at a designated PO Box.
  • The mail is opened, digitized and processed following your company’s rules.
  • Digital files can be upload to specific policies or sent to you in daily batches.
  • The Covenir team can even respond to mail. We can process returned mail and send alerts to employees as needed.

Why Use Covenir’s Virtual Mail Room Service?

You want to make sure nothing goes wrong with your company’s mail – and that’s exactly why you should use Covenir’s virtual mail room service.

  • Insurance is a specialized industry with a lot of regulations. Covenir’s services are focused on the insurance industry, providing the specialized expertise you need.
  • Your company’s mail will be processed according to your company’s rules. You stay in control.
  • Covenir’s virtual mail room service can also process electronic mail. These days, correspondence is done both through paper mail and through email. The Covenir team has you covered either way.
  • We can help with outbound communication, too. Covenir’s virtual mail room service pairs perfectly with Covenir’s online print/mail hub. Automate outbound communication with a convenient online dashboard and the ability to customize and send policyholder documents and notices.

Are you ready to embrace modernized, convenient inbound communication processes? Contact Covenir to take the next step.