As insurers expand their business, many find themselves serving an increasingly diverse policyholder base whose primary language may not always be English. In order to offer a more policyholder-centric service for all policyholders, insurers are starting to partner with multilingual call centers as a way to meet these needs.

With the policyholder experience so crucial in today’s insurance market, insurers cannot overlook the importance of building the human connection between their own support team and their policyholders–no matter what language they speak. Thus, enlisting a dedicated insurance call center partner that offers multilingual support can be the missing link.

Breaking Language Barriers

In today’s dynamic marketplace, an insurer needs a multilingual call center partner to help them handle inquiries, explain available policies and coverage, and more when a policyholder’s primary language isn’t English. Without it, communication can quickly break down and lead to frustrations for both the insurer and policyholders and possible misunderstandings about their coverage, the status of their claim, or other valuable information.

At the most basic level, having a call center support team available who can communicate in foreign languages allows insurers to break down the language barrier that has traditionally been a challenge. Communication between insurers and policyholders occurs at every stage, from initial marketing of insurance products to completing the application and underwriting process, administering the policy, handling claims, renewing policies, and more. Thus, it’s essential to have a support team available whose members speak multiple languages to facilitate seamless communications throughout the policy lifecycle.

Improved Policyholder Experience

With multilingual support, businesses can offer more personalized and effective communication, fostering trust and loyalty among a broader customer base. Consumers will feel a greater connection to insurers if they are offering quality service in their preferred language, especially when other competitors do not provide the same.

Policyholders may feel more comfortable speaking about their insurance needs and circumstances in their native language, helping insurers offer services tailored to their unique needs. This more personalized approach enhances policyholder satisfaction, trust, and loyalty, which are fundamental to insurers’ long-term success.

Once consumers have taken out policies, being able to speak with a support agent in their language will facilitate clearer and more effective communication when they need to reach out about a policy question or problem. This can lead to quicker and more satisfactory resolutions that support a good policyholder experience.

Cultural Adaptation and Sensitivity

Having insurance support available in multiple languages not only improves the policyholder experience but also helps translate an insurer’s message for the unique communication styles, preferences, and expectations that different cultures may have–even within the United States.

So, while a specialized, multilingual call center partner can literally translate the insurer’s communications into a foreign language, it can also help the organization adapt its message to fit different customs and cultural expectations better. Again, this can help the insurer build a genuine rapport with all consumers no matter what their preferred language is, leading to long-standing relationships built on trust.

Market Penetration and Expansion

Above all, the ability to offer support in multiple languages supports more successful expansion within local markets that have diverse language needs. So, working with a trusted insurance call center partner allows insurers to access a broader audience and reach previously untapped markets. You may be surprised to learn that in the United States, a reported 21.6% of households speak a language other than English at home.

In other words, being able to reach new demographics by partnering with a multilingual call center can help insurers grow their operations domestically. Plus, it would be pretty challenging and resource-intensive for insurers to try to develop their own multilingual customer support team in-house, as many of these dedicated call centers offer support in hundreds of languages. Thus, it’s much more cost-effective and efficient to work with an established call center partner with agents well-versed in foreign languages and local customs.

Boost Your Competitive Advantage with Covenir BPO

In today’s insurance landscape with mounting competition, offering multilingual support is a clear way for insurers to diversify themselves from their competitors and reach a broader policyholder base.

Though many insurers do not have multilingual support capabilities internally, partnering with an experienced multilingual call center allows insurers to build relationships with potential policyholders through effective communication in their preferred language.

By working with a trusted insurance BPO provider like Covenir that offers scalable inbound and outbound customer support via phone, chat, or email in 175 languages, insurers can overcome these language barriers with ease. Covenir can handle all interactions with policyholders using carefully scripted service plans to ensure all delivery measures up to your brand’s promise, even in a foreign language.

If you want to learn more about how Covenir can help you deliver a premier policyholder experience, no matter the language, contact our team today.