(Worcester, MA) May 29, 2018 – Covenir, an innovative technology-enabled onshore BPOproviding back-office transaction processing to the insurance industry, today announced an exciting collaboration with a start-up subsidiary of a major insurer, that provides a direct to consumer auto insurance solution combining personalized support with mobile convenience.

The insurer startup launched in 2018, initially issuing policies in one state. With Covenir’s help, they plan to expand into additional states and lines of business in the next year.  To support the launch and provide the highest levels of performance, productivity, and profitability the start-up is utilizing a newly developed team at Covenir to manage their auto insurance sales. This team at Covenir consists of licensed and experienced property and casualty product advisors.

By outsourcing and optimizing the sales administration services through Covenir, this insurer plans to provide customer service levels that exceed expectations, while having the scalability and resources in place to meet their expansion goals. Covenir’s experienced staff provides valuable input into their processes and got the insurer ramped up with their services in less than two months.

“Partnering with this start up is a great opportunity for both companies to grow together,” said Rob Ayala, Covenir Team Lead.  “Our innovative and entrepreneurial philosophies have combined perfectly for this venture, and we are working collaboratively to identify best practices and refine our processes to ensure long-term success.”

About Covenir  

Covenir’s suite of insurance services includes policy servicing, customer service, billing, lockbox, print/distribution, first notice of loss, underwriting, and marketing campaign support. Their customers include insurance carriers, MGAs/brokers, fair plans, and state insurance government agencies. For a detailed description of Covenir’s services, please see https://www.covenirbpo.com.