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Delight Policyholders & Agents With an FNOL “Easy” Button

The Company

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Allied Trust Insurance Company provides personal lines insurance products in the southern region of the United States. The company prides itself on quick and fair claims service, beginning with the First Notice of Loss.

Vice President of Claims & Operations, Pier Westra is responsible for ensuring positive policyholder claims experiences. Pier needed to outsource FNOL services to a partner that shared his company’s commitment to service. He wanted claims to be entered into his company’s claims administration platform and he needed 24/7/365 service.

He discovered all this and more with Covenir.

The Partnership

Allied Trust turned to Covenir for FNOL services in 2018. The Covenir team was trained to represent the Allied Trust brand, and to do it well.

FNOL service involves much more than answering the phone. In addition to learning Allied Trust’s Standard Operating Procedures, Covenir representatives learned how to keep delivery both accurate and welcoming. They also learned to verify coverages and notify adjusters, so every claim got off to a good start.

It was a big transition … and it took less than 30 days. “They did a fantastic job,” says Westra. “There were a lot of nuances to get right, and there could have been a lot of problems, however I was extremely pleased with the thoroughness of the prep and the success of the initial rollout,” he adds.

“It’s on us to make sure the customer is taken care of,” says Michael Saner, Operations Manager at Covenir. Saner has 20 years of claims management experience, and he knows exactly how important it is to handle claims right. “When an insured is calling us, it can be like 10 or 15 years of premium cashed in one transaction. Expectations are extremely high,” he explains.

The Test

Westra knew that Covenir was a solid FNOL partner. What he didn’t know was how they would perform under stress. In the Spring of 2020, he found out. A record claim volume occurred in April and May of 2020 due to hail and tornado events in Texas and Louisiana. “We took in more claims by July of 2020 than we received all year in 2019,” says Westra. “Fortunately, it wasn’t an issue. Covenir’s FNOL team did a great job of keeping up and maintaining their high level of service.”

The Bottom Line

Allied Trust has found that superior FNOL service keeps both policyholders and agents happy. When agents don’t have to get involved in claims, they’re happy and they sell more, translating to in-force policy growth.

“Covenir is the best FNOL organization that I’ve worked with by far. We don’t get complaints and that’s our true measuring stick,” say Westra. “I don’t have time for headaches. I just want to know that claims will be handled right. Working with Covenir is a relief … like clicking an easy button.”

“I don’t have time for headaches. I just want to know that claims will be handled right. Working with Covenir is a relief … like clicking an easy button.”

Pier Westra,
Vice President, Claims & Operations,
Allied Trust

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