Case in Point

Focus on Growth … Without Operational and Staffing Challenges

The Company

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Mendota Insurance Company has provided private passenger auto insurance to customers since 1989. The company was introduced to Covenir’s business processing outsourcing services by its policy administration system provider, Insuresoft.

The Relationship Started with Print/Mail

Initially, Mendota needed policy and claims print/mail services. They had previously worked with a national print shop but wanted a partner that knew insurance and their policy administration system. Enter Covenir.

Medota’s policy administration system and its claims team generate personalized policy documents. On a daily basis, those documents are batched and sent to Covenir via an FTP. Covenir then prints and mails them, with proof of mailing when needed. Documents are barcoded for tracking so both Covenir and Mendota can see where every piece of mail is at every stage of the process.

Today, Covenir prints/mails thousands of pieces of mail for Mendota every month. This saves Mendota time and it also saves them money because they don’t have to buy and maintain all the needed equipment in-house.

And Expanded to Lockbox

Now Mendota is also using premium lockbox services from Covenir. “We were moving policies from a legacy system to Diamond, and we didn’t want to manually handle and deposit checks ourselves,” explains Darrin Carver, the Vice President of IT and Project at Mendota. A previous vendor stopped offering lockbox services so the decision to move that function to Covenir was a no-brainer.

In this scenario, Covenir accepts payments for Mendota at a P.O. Box and makes the deposits on their behalf. Then Covenir sends a payment list, and the premium credit is scanned to credit the correct policy.

Whatever Is Needed – Whatever It Takes

When asked what he most appreciates about Covenir, Carver says, “When setting up the lockbox, Covenir was willing to meet as often as needed – which could be three times per week – and they did what was needed to get the project moving. We really appreciated their flexibility.”

Thanks to Covenir’s services, Mendota can mail out thousands of letters each month without having to buy or maintain the print equipment, and they don’t need to worry about the hassle of taking premium payments. As a result, Mendota can focus on growth without getting weighed down by staffing and operational challenges.

“I definitely recommend Covenir’s services. They are knowledgeable and solution-focused.”

-Darrin Carver
Vice President of IT and Project Management at Mendota Insurance Services