WORCESTER, MA – December 8, 2020 – Insurance BPO, Covenir has introduced a Virtual Mail Room service, revolutionizing insurers’ old fashioned approach to mail processing.

In the wake of COVID-19, many companies transitioned to remote work. However, they quickly encountered one daunting challenge – mail. Someone had to go into the office every day to pick up the mail, open it and distribute it. Covenir noticed their insurance partners were struggling, so they developed a solution.

“You would never expect your team to function without the internet and other modern advancements, so why should you hinder their performance with a dated approach to mail handling?” Covenir President and General Manager, David Squibb says.

In the Virtual Mail Room model, Covenir receives and opens your mail on a daily basis. It then transforms each piece of mail into a digital artifact and processes it according to your business rules. “Once the digital artifacts are ready, we can perform any level of service to support your team,” Squibb explains.

Some insurers choose to receive a batched upload of digital artifacts once a day. Others take a more customized approach, having the virtual service attach the digitized documents directly into the policy or claim files of their core systems. Others have the virtual service perform the “first steps” required in responding to mail, kicking off an efficient workflow.

“Like it or not, remote work is here to stay. Smart leaders will find ways to not only adapt – but to perform more intelligently in a remote work environment. Sending someone into the office to pick up mail every day is a workaround. Virtual Mail Room allows you to revolutionize your processes and make your business more scalable at the same time,” Squibb says. “it’s a solution that frees your teams from the inefficiencies and delays that are inherent to manual mail handling,” he adds.

While the Virtual Mail Room service is a gamechanger for paper mail, the process can also be applied to email, which is a great way to manage your general customer service inboxes.

Covenir powers insurance potential by helping insurers and MGAs bring their growth plans to life. The company is known for its ability to coexist with internal teams and other partners, providing a completely flexible and custom service model. Outsourced insurance services include customer service, premium services, FNOL and claims, underwriting, policy advising/sales, print and distribution, and virtual mail room services. Covenir’s customers include insurance carriers, MGAs/brokers, insurtechs, and state insurance government agencies. To learn more, visit Covenir’s website at https://www.covenirbpo.com/ or download their new white paper, “How to Solve Three of Your Most Daunting Remote Work Challenges,” at https://www.covenirbpo.com/remote-work-challenges/