Case in Point

Maintain Continuity and Compliance… During Insurance Staffing Transitions

The Need

Buckeye Insurance had a problem. They had eliminated their internal print department and needed an outside vendor to take the work over – fast. A failure to mail everything on time could become a compliance issue.

Something had to be done – so Buckeye made the switch to Covenir’s print/mail service.

The Partnership

Before adopting Covenir’s print/mail service, Buckeye had been using Insuresoft’s Diamond policy administration system for 25 years.

It turns out that Covenir team members are Insuresoft super users. They could quickly and seamlessly integrate their print/mail processes with Buckeye’s policy administration system. Of course, this separated Covenir as a front-runner in the print/mail vendor selection process.

The Insurance Outsourcing Decision

Relying on an internal team to handle print operations had proven to be a problem for Buckeye, but it wasn’t the only problem.

The print equipment that Buckeye had been using was massive. It took up a lot of office space – room that could be put to better use – and the equipment had to be leased. By outsourcing their print/mail operations, Buckeye was able to eliminate print equipment costs and take back office space.

Buckeye also enjoyed savings made possible by Covenir’s pre-sort postage rates and bulk inventory purchases.

With Covenir, Buckeye is saving money, saving time and saving office space – allowing the company’s resources to be redirected to other priorities.

Covenir: An Extension of Your Team

Within one month of signing, Convenir had Buckeye’s print/mail services up and running. Since then, Convenir has become an extension of Buckeye’s entire team – not just the IT Department. For example, when Buckeye’s underwriting staff has special handling requests for documents, Covenir is ready to assist.

Covenir handles the printing, folding, stuffing, sorting, posting and mailing of print communications, and every step is performed with the efficiency and reliability that comes with specialization in in the P&C insurance industry. This means that the Buckeye team no longer has to worry about print operations – and if anything comes up, Covenir is only an email or call away and ready to assist.

The Future

Buckeye has been with Insuresoft for more than 25 years now, and its relationship with Convenir is expected to prove just as long-lasting.

“By leveraging our existing relationship with Insuresoft and combining that with the experience of the Covenir team, we were able to plug into the virtual print/mail services rapidly. The transition from our legacy process to our new standard was seamless, intuitive, and is already paying huge time-saving dividends for our employees.”

Brian Minnich
IT Manager at Buckeye Insurance

With strong business interruption and disaster recovery procedures, Covenir is positioned to continue delivering communications on time no matter what the future brings

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