Over the last year, we’ve seen a variety of threats to our business continuity. It’s not just fires and storms – although those are serious risks. It’s also things like Texas snowstorms, civil disorder, and viral pandemics. If you need to go to an office to send or receive mail, any number of disruptions can change your plans.

You Need a Plan that Ensures Continual Communication

Business interruption is not a threat that insurers can afford to ignore. In fact, when a crisis strikes, insurance communication is more important than ever.

Insurance mail is often time-sensitive. Delays can result in coverage misunderstandings, policyholder dissatisfaction, and regulatory compliance issues.

A short disruption to regular operations can be a problem. A prolonged disruption can be devastating.

This is the situation that many businesses faced in 2020. When the pandemic prompted states to issue stay-at-home orders, many people found that going to the office was no longer a viable option – but inbound mail continued to pile up on the receptionist’s desk and documents still needed to be printed and delivered. Relying on a local vendor for printing wasn’t much better, either, since those vendors were impacted by the same shutdown orders and pandemic concerns.

Companies that had a remote print/mail operation in place were ready. Those that didn’t found themselves having to scramble.

Are You Ready for the Next Disruption?

We’ve all adjusted our workflows to accommodate COVID-19 limitations, but this doesn’t mean insurers can relax. The next disruption is right around the corner. Will you be ready for it?

If you partner with Covenir, you can be.

  • Using our print/mail hub, your team members can send out mailings – without stepping foot into the office.
  • Barcode technology and reference files ensure that every piece of mail is processed correctly – automatically.
  • Our system makes it easy to comply with regulatory, proof of mail and deadline requirements.
  • Digital copies can be uploaded to policies in your system of record or sent to you in batches, so you’ll always be in control of your workflow.
  • We can help with any troubleshooting and the preparation of print-ready files if needed.
  • With our Virtual Mail Room services, you can manage inbound mail too. We receive paper mail, transform it into digital artifacts and deliver it to you electronically or upload it to your system.
  • With our intelligent lockbox service, you can also manage incoming payments and checks.

The next disruption could be a natural disaster, another pandemic or something else entirely. With Covenir by your side, you’ll be ready to face whatever problem comes your way.

Want to learn more? Download our Business Continuity Info Sheet.