When you partner with an insurance BPO, you have big “pie in the sky” service plans. Ninety days later, after you’ve finally gone LIVE, your “pie in the sky” may feel more like a pie in the face. Minding the nooks and crannies of great service takes a lot of time and effort.

Sometimes, you implement a procedure for one reason, and an unintended consequence results. Other times, your meticulous instructions are unintentionally misinterpreted, or your company may need to quickly change directions. Whatever the case, we can all agree that implementation can be messy. Even when it goes smoothly, it’s rarely one and done.

That’s why an ongoing, dedicated customer success focus is essential for best in class BPO service success.

How to Achieve Your “Pie in the Sky”

No matter how excellent your insurance BPO is, you won’t achieve the insurance customer satisfaction results you want if you don’t create a tried and tested service recipe. Here are three essential ingredients:

  1. WRITE IT DOWN. Start with carefully-scripted service plans. Ideally, these plans should combine your best practices and the BPO’s best practices, resulting in a seamless blend that builds on both of your strengths. Your BPO should have a solid understanding of your brand, what your customers expect and how your team achieves 5-star reviews so they can emulate and carry out your best work. There should be no discernable difference between the service your BPO provides and the service your team provides.
  2. MEASURE CAREFULLY. Monitor and adjust as needed. When circumstances change, they can change fast. You need a BPO partner that will work with you to implement changes immediately. You shouldn’t have to wait 90 days, or even 30 days, to implement new service approaches.
  3. ALLOW ADEQUATE BAKING TIME. Maintain dedicated customer success coordination for the long haul. The collaboration shouldn’t end once the service goes live. That’s the beginning of the relationship, not the end. Even if everything seems to be going smoothly, you need continued customer success coordination so you can continue to fine-tune and improve.

Want A Cherry on Top?

Covenir has earned a stellar reputation as the crème de la crème insurance BPO. As Covenir’s dedicated customer success manager, I personally make sure the three steps above happen without fail. If service is one of your company’s key differentiators, I encourage you to check out our case studies and get acquainted with our team of industry leaders. Also be sure to download our Call Center Selection Guide.