The shift to remote work has created headaches in sending and receiving mail for companies in every industry. Fortunately, Covenir offers automated mail solutions that can solve these problems. 

Part of the Volaris Insurance & Benefits vertical, Covenir is a business process outsourcing partner. While the company specializes in insurance, its automated mail capabilities are beneficial in any industry.

How A Virtual Mail Room Eliminates Inbound Mail Challenges

Many organizations receive large volumes of inbound mail that must be processed and with many organizations being fully remote, an employee must go into the office every day to pick up, open and distribute the mail. To overcome this inefficiency, Covenir introduced a Virtual Mail Room service. In the virtual model, a company’s inbound mail is directed to a postal lockbox where Covenir receives and opens it every day. Each piece of mail is then transformed into a digital artifact and is processed according to applicable business rules, including options like:

  • Sending a batched upload of digital mail artifacts to the client.
  • Uploading the digitized documents to the client’s core systems via a direct integration.
  • Applying technology to facilitate automated processing, notify appropriate client staff, or kick-off more efficient workflows with Covenir back-office staff.

“Processing inbound mail is a necessary evil and Virtual Mail Room revolutionizes your inbound mail processes and makes your business more scalable at the same time,” Covenir General Manager, David Squibb says.

How Print/Mail Fulfillment Eliminates Outbound Mail Challenges

Covenir manages a state-of-the-art commercial print and distribution center based in Georgia. Its technology-enabled, print/mail fulfillment capabilities empower customers to manage outbound document mailings from anywhere. From single page statements or invoices to complex legal/regulatory documents, Covenir prints, inserts, and mails any type of communication according to a client’s instructions. Barcode technology is applied to every document to electronically communicate its processing requirements, ensuring accuracy and on-time delivery.

“Best of all, customers never have to worry about costly printing equipment, toner, paper, or postage again, which simplifies operations and creates significant savings. Office space and talent can be redeployed to other mission-critical functions and Covenir’s buying power and discounted pre-sort postage rates bring direct savings to the client,” Squibb explains.

Why Tolerate Inefficiencies?

If you are struggling with the challenge of inbound mail or outbound printing, please reach out to Covenir. We’d love to help you automate, grow and scale!

Also, be sure to download our free white paper, “How to Solve 3 of Your Most Daunting Remote Work Challenges.”