Get to Know “Bri”

As the Director of Customer Success at Covenir BPO, Brian builds and maintains positive and value-driven relationships with all our customers. Brian has been in the insurance industry for over 25 years and has vast experience with many aspects of the property and casualty insurance industry. Ensuring our customers have a successful relationship and understand the multitude of services offered at Covenir is his priority.

Brian has studied at Worcester State University and Quinsigamond Community College.


Fun Facts:

Family: Dave | Kristina
Pets: Bee & Bri Guy
Education: Worcester State University, Quinsigamond Community College
Favorite Motto: No matter how bad things are, something good will come from it, sometimes you have to look hard, but it is there
Top Bucket List: Skydiving
What Superpower I would choose: Super human strength to help people

Favorite Food: Cheeseburger & Fries
Favorite Movie: Birdcage
Favorite Band: Journey, REO Speedwagon
Favorite place I have ever visited: Maui
Most people are surprised to learn that… I am a car nut and can name virtually every car that drives by, including the model and trim