Print & Distribution

Using our print and distribution services, we’ll manage outbound communications for marketing or general-information campaigns related to safety, education, products, changes in contact information, company announcements, or anything else. We’ll print, fold, stuff, sort, post, and mail your customer and agent communications. We’ll track responses and follow up with cards, calls, or emails. And we’ll be fully accountable for the completeness and accuracy of our work. 



Carrier Spotlight: Buckeye Insurance Group

Buckeye approached Insuresoft’s partner, Covenir in spring of 2017 when they realized that BPO costs were exceeding the value of having print operations managed internally.

Through outsourcing BPO, Buckeye could eliminate print equipment costs, reduce office floor space requirements, take advantage of Covenir’s bulk volumes for inventory purchases and our bulk pre-sort postage rates. 



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