Our Community

Covenir has several trusted partners in the insurance and technology community. As good as we are at what we do, we can’t do it alone. That’s why we make it easy for you to work with us by working with partners we know and trust.  We’ve worked with these partners for years and are our go-to resources for the services our customers need and the responsiveness they want. Your contract with us ensures you’ll get the depth and breadth of the software, technologies, and services provided by these companies:


Plug into our Platform. Covenir is part of Kaboodle’s established ecosystem of partners who provide a robust range of services and complementary solutions to property and casualty insurers. Whether your chosen delivery model is on-premises or cloud-based, you get experienced, approved partners at your service.


As Insuresoft is also a member partner of the Kaboodle network, Insuresoft clients can build upon the trusted relationship to expand into BPO services with ease. Insuresoft clients can to expedite the BPO partner vetting process by selecting Covenir, Insuresoft’s trusted partner.


As Red Hawk is also a member partner of the Kaboodle network, Covenir will have the ability to leverage Red Hawk’s experienced resources to implement and support the underlying technology and software that will be used as a basis for Covenir’s technology-enabled BPO services.


Covenir has an integrated partnership with SCS.  They are a licensed independent adjusting company that covers daily claims operations for carriers in addition to augmenting carrier’s own teams during catastrophic events.